New iBloom Squishies for April 2021: Rich Donut Collection, Fowatches, and a Shiba!

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Hey Everybunni!

Check out these new releases by iBloom for this month:

Lollipop Girl Donut Strawberry Squishy
Adorable Lollipop Girl by iBloom is now as a Strawberry donut! They are scented like strawberry, and have a ballchain to attach to anything~ They are about 5.5-6 cm and are the perfect size to attach to your keys to take anywhere with you (or also freshen up your car!)
Rich Donut Collection Mini Donut Squishy
Love sweets? These super cute donut squishies by iBloom in the Rich Donut Collection come in a set of 8, featuring Marmo Bear and Mikepan! Each of them are scented and are packaged in blind bags. However, you can purchase these mini donut cuties with your favorite designs at Bunnifulwishes!
Easter Angel Bunny Squishy
Easter has sprung and you can't miss out on this limited edition Angel Bunny squishy named Alice! She's, of course, as soft and squishy as other iBloom squishies. She'd be lovely to place on your desk for spring vibes and squish in between assignments or work. These are now available at a discount since it's past Easter~

Pre-Orders for Later this Month: Catch these squishies at Pre-Order pricing before they arrive to us late April!

Azuki Mameshiba Squishy

Shiba Squishy
Introducing iBloom's new character, Azuki the Shiba! They have a chewy texture to squish with love, and are the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand or take anywhere! If you'd like to display Azuki, the squishy is packaged in a display container for you~
iBloom Azuki the Shiba Display Packaging Box

Fowatch Pocket Pastel Squishy

After the success of their first design of Fowatches, iBloom as produced them again in Pastel Colors~ On top of the new colors, there are limited edition versions available only for overseas! These limited edition squishies feature Millie the Whale and Lollipop Girl doing what they do best: swimming in clouds for the stars and cooking ramen. 

Angel Bunny Chigiri Series 2!

iBloom has reproduced new Angel Bunny chigiris with new 2 colors! They brought back Marie and Alice and introduced Sincere and Marissa in this reproduction of these squishies~ If you love bread and bunnies, these are the perfect pick for you! 
There are plenty more to look forward to like new characters of Angel Cat, who is known to be one of Angel Bunny's friend, as well as Heart Fawn that features heart-shaped antlers~ There are also more reproductions including the Chubby Fluffy Hamster in new colors and Harajuku Bear Macarons in new, vibrant colors! All of these iBloom squishies are available for Pre-Order now at so don't miss out on these Spring Releases. c:

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