Donation for Kumamoto Earthquake Relief

Months ago, I intended to raise money for those affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake in Japan. All information about the fundraiser, why I chose the specific organization to donate to, how I collected funds from my shop, and more can be found here

Through sales, we raised about $289 that month along with $166 ($158.32 after processing fees) in donations from family and friends alike. This totaled to be $445 to be donated to NICCO to help support the victims and area of the earthquake - which came out perfectly for 50000 Yen to be donated total.

It took a while for the final donation as I struggled to have the funds sent to me through Indigogo. As I still can't reach the funds from the fundraiser itself unfortunately, I just decided to donate the money in full today, finally, to help with long term relief that may still be going on. 

We were able to do this through everyone's support, and I'm very grateful to those who aided me in reaching my goal halfway. I may have overshot what we could accomplish within that month to make in donations, but we're still helping many people, and that's what counts.

Hopefully we can do more things like this in the future. c:

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day~


Best Wishes, Bunni

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