New iBloom Squishy Releases July '20

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iBloom Ttungacaron

iBloom once again pulling out all the stops for this brand new Gekikawa Ttungacaron Squishy! 

Gekikawa is the Japanese word for “super cute!” and is often used in the japanese decora kei fashion world and the squishy itself is inspired by the Korean style fat macarons filled with buttercream! The Galaxy Berry and Honey Berry are our personal favorites but you can’t go wrong with any of the choices! If you are into all things cutesy and all about the food craze going on with squishies, then you can’t miss out on adding this to your collection for only $11.50 USD!


iBloom Takoto Sausage

Now we get it, a sausage squishy is a bit of an odd choice for iBloom to come out with since they are known for making more desert type squishies; but believe us when we say that these little sausages are the cutest!

They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are such a satisfying squish that we can’t seem to put them down! Plus the faces that each sausage has adds that additional cuteness to them. We personally like the Wein Man, Sausa-G and WareWareWa design and they can be yours for only $10.50 USD!


iBloom BIG Marmo Shaved Ice & Berry Mini Shaved Ice

With summer around the corner and the quarantine getting us to stay inside nowadays; there isn’t much to do these days that let us enjoy our summer vacations. That’s where iBloom steps in with these new shaved ice squishes!

Nothing screams summer more than enjoying a big cup of shaved ice covered in our favorite syrups and toppings that cool us off to enjoy while at the beach, at the pool or any kind of festivite. Now when we say the big marmo shaved ice squishy is big; we mean BIG BIG BIG!

We of course enjoy that since it means all the more there is to squish! Of course though if big squishies isn’t your cup of tea, the mini aurora shaved ice squishy is a great add to anyone’s collection with it’s beautiful pastel colors and great details all around.  The Big Marmo Squishy is priced at $27.50 USD while the Mini Aurora Squishy is priced at $11.50 USD but if you choose to get both squishes, you do save a bit of money since it's a big plus!


iBloom Premium Sushi

I feel like we can all agree when we say that when someone first thinks of Japanese cuisine, the first thought that goes through their mind is sushi. We at Bunnifulwishes definitely are big fans of sushi and iBloom didn’t disappoint when their premium sushi squishies came out!

The amount of detail in shading alone in just one of their sushi squishies is enough to blow us away but doing all 4 on top of making them super enjoyable to squish? That is true iBloom quality and these squishies would be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

We are fans of the Salmon Sushi and the Fatty Tuna Sushi Squishy since it’s not only our favorite kind of sushi to eat but the detailing like mentioned above goes above and beyond to really capture what a piece of high quality sushi looks like. Each squishy is priced at $12 USD and could be yours today! 

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