About Us

Bunnifulwishes started as a Youtube channel in 2013, with its first ever video uploaded being a squishy collection.

some of my collection

I love collecting squishies, which are essentially imitations of food and characters in the form of foam, and hoard them in containers, boxes, or large bags within my room to admire. They filled my life with anything and everything cute, connections with other collectors alike, as well as the desire to share my love for them with others.

Likewise, I love art. Through my creations, I've realized I have the capability to make an impact on numerous people's lives, whether it be sharing a creation that will touch one's heart and make a person smile, or sharing the revenue earned to other organizations who are exercising an effort to change the world.

Overall, I want to share two of my loves with people, and hopefully make a difference in the world by doing so. I take pleasure in the fact that the things I adore in life can bring happiness to others, and I wish to provide everything within my shop with care and love.

The little things in life count, and every order is more than something minuscule. It's larger than one can imagine. It's a smile as soon as the package arrives at one's doorstep.

Even if it's just for a minute, I'm glad to provide a smile on anyone's face through the items provided at the shop.