Rewards Program

Earn Points to spend through your Account on Bunnifulwishes!



♥ Sign up and create an account

By creating an account within our website, customers receive 100 points upon joining.

♥ Spend $1USD = 1 Point

For every full dollar spent within an order, excluding the cost of shipping, customers will receive a point. (Ex: $14 = 14 points; $15.75 = 15 points)

♥ Refer a Friend!

Share the love of the site with others by referring a friend to receive a 5% coupon on their first purchase. After the referred customer's first purchase is complete, the referring customer will receive 50 points.

♥ Happy Birthday!

Earn 300 points upon the day of your birthday~ Customers must enter their date of birth at least one month before being rewarded to avoid abuses of the Rewards Programs.

♥ Follow Us on Instagram~

Follow us at (@bunnifulwishes) on Instagram to receive 50 points.


Bunnifulwishes reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the Rewards Program at our sole discretion. Any abuse of the Rewards Program may result in points being deducted from one's account.